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Racial justice is an ongoing focus of United Methodist Women’s mission work. The United Methodist Women’s Charter for Racial Justice was created and adopted by the Women’s Division in 1978 and successfully adopted by the whole denomination in 1980.

Is your Unit participating in the Charter Club for Racial Justice? To qualify, a local unit takes action and reports on a one-year period running from June 1 – May 31 each year. The report form should be submitted to B.J. Lee, the Austin District Mission Coordinator for Social Action, by June 10 of each year. The first year, a unit completes activities totaling four points from the list of examples, and each additional year reports an activity totaling two points.

It’s easy! Here are just a few examples.

  • Present the Mission Study Haiti or Poverty.
  • Participate as an instructor in a literacy program.
  • Invite someone of another ethnic group who is not currently a member of United Methodist Women to attend a United Methodist Women’s meeting.
  • Use a program from the Program Book for United Methodist Women with an emphasis on racial justice issues.

Below are some important resources to assist:

Download the UMW Racial Justice Manual
Download the Racial Justice Fact Sheet
Racial Justice Timeline
Read the Charter for Racial Justice
Read the History of Racial Justice
Say “No” to Violence Against Women


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